Generative Typography

Des Des Res

Type is a constant obsession.

There is something about the strength of Western letterforms that allows them to be constantly explored, re-examined, dissected and reconnected. Embedded within the forms themselves is a familiarity and an inherent peculiarity. A history of technological change and a residual sense of physical weight is there in the curves and straights. The thicks and thins are the visible trace of the hand through its extension in the flat-nibbed pen or brush. Though our letterforms are now entirely digital artifacts, their forms somehow continue to hold the weight of metal and we can still feel the force of the punchcutter’s blow. The Des Des Res logo itself is a constantly-changing recombination of traditional typographic elements.

These studies treat these forms as a kind of found object to be scrutinized in exacting detail for its intrinsic appeal and exploited for its generative potential.